Friday, 9 September 2011


                                 Meet Lloyd

              Hewwo fellow #DoxiePosse members , my name is Giuseppe and I would like to intwoduce yoo to my most favoritist toy in da world : Lloyd da Lamb.

              Mama brought Lloyd home one day fwom PetSmart to help mee soothe my teef because I was chewing evewything in da house and she got sick of it. When I first started to pway wif Lloyd I noticed he did not squeak but he snored instead so I thought “… gweat my new fwiend is Narcoleptic how boring..” Narcoleptic- yes! Boring – no!

Lloyd is my best fwiend and I never share him wif my #DoxiePosse brofur Gino. When my mama and dada go to work everyday ( to get money to buy me Milkbones ) me and Lloyd cause misschiff in da house and I have included some photos for you to see how silly Lloyd can be.

Lloyd’s Narcolepsy can really put a damper on playtime cuz he just falls asleep sumtimes in the middle of a game. But Lloyd also makes me feel betta when my teef is reddy to fall out or if I sad and I miss him when he needs to have baf in washing machine.

I happy yoo could all meet Lloyd today and I hopes you has a best fwiend as gweat as him too!
Me N Lloyd

Lloyds sneakers

Lloyds Golf clubs