Friday, 29 July 2011


I need to tell you about Leo...

Leo came into my husband's and my life at the perfect time. We adopted Leo on June 23, 2010. So much was going on that year. I found out I was in renal failure, Bruce was laid off from his job of 23 yrs and his mother had passed away that June. In fact we were flying up to ON for her funeral which was why Leo didn't get picked up until the 23rd. We actually adopted him the Friday before but the rescue group agreed to keep him as it wasn't fair that we would have him the one night and then be flying out to ON to see the family.

As you can see Leo was a rescue and he is a senior. When we adopted him he was 9 yrs old. What we didn't know was how bad his aggression issues were, but we persevered. We took basic dog training classes which helped a lot! We read about the breed, we watched The Dog Whisperer and At The End of My Leash and read. I joined what groups I could find on the internet that were breed specific.

I was so thankful that I found the group,
the knitterly dachshund, on Ravelry (a knitting and crochet community) as they ultimately helped to save Leo. You see January 1, 2011 he went down. He was dragging his legs and his back was scrunched up. He looked as if somebody had smooshed him together. January 5th he had surgery. He was penned for 6-8 weeks and the group helped me on suggestions for all of us to deal with this. Leo is doing much better although this summer has been particularly hard on him because of all the rain. Sometimes if feels like we live in Vancouver, BC rather than sunny Alberta.

Leo has taught me patience, tolerance and above all unconditional love. He is the best!

Sincerely yours

Cora Shaw


  1. What a wonderful story! Thank you so much for sharing the story of Leo. Ma has a special spot for senior dog adoptions in her heart as she fosters for group dedicated to this. Congrats to you and your husband!

  2. a wienie in a wienie mobile! :) thanks for sharing this story - I am so glad Leo is better - I hope the sun shines for him soon! <3