Saturday, 2 February 2013

DA Dogfather 20th Barkday today on Twitter #doxieposse

Important update follow #doxieposse not #Big20 for twitter pawty

The DogFather Fritzie turned 20 on January 31, 2013!! So today February 2nd at 10am US Eastern time we are going to celebrate on Cheese Island with beer and friends and all kinds of treats! Our trip is a virtual pawty on twitter so make sure to include #doxieposse in your tweets, so we know you are on Cheese Island to celebrate Fritzie's big 20th Barkday!

Collage compliments of Riss Johnson humom to Roxy The Foxy Doxie
I see youuuuuuuuuuuu
Fun in the snow! Good thing I've got a warm floofy coat!
I want my belly rubbed!

A day at the beach with mom, Pauline

Isn't he the most beautiful doxie ever?!?
Cheese Island

Birthday Lunch on the lanai 

After we digest our food, we can go for a swim!
A beautiful end to the day relaxing by a bonfire on the beach


The DogFather Imperial Stout
 Bacon Beer
 Bacon Vodka Shots
Cookies with a milk shot chaser

 A healthy salad in a bacon bowl
 Weiners in a bacon blanket
 Bacon wrapped shrimp
Cheese snacks

Main Course
Chateaubriand Steak
 Vegetarian Lasagna

Cheese Island Barkday music provided by @Skye613


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  2. *kisses Dogfather's ring* Happy Barkday, Dogfather! Much respect from Shayna The Slicer xx

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  4. Your blog is amazing! Thanks you so much for your creative inspirations and thank you for sharing.