Sunday, 21 August 2011


Dr. J and Billy

By Barbara @iambillysmom

I would like to tell you about Billy.

He is a BIG red standard dachshund, weighing in at a muscular 28 pounds. Billy just celebrated is ninth birthday.

He is blind in his right eye, has been since birth, but we just found out two years ago (his eye looks normal). He has massive paws, shorter ears than most and a tail that never stops wagging.

Billy joined our family at age 2 1/2 years. He started his life as a breeding/show dog. When he needed a forever home, it was our good fortune he came to us.

I could focus in on all of Billy's medical issues, of which there are many. In 2008 he ruptured a disc in his back and was paralyzed in his rear legs for 12 weeks. Thankfully he made a near 100% recovery.

In 2009, a serious paw infection almost took his life. After that we realized he had skin and food allergies, many idiosyncratic medication reactions and inflammatory bowel disease.

He has been through more tests than you can imagine. We have more questions than we have answers.

But, I would rather focus on this wonderful, highly spirited, good natured soul. Always tail wagging despite the pain and extreme itching. Always devoted, especially to me. Always there to offer comfort and love. Billy asks no questions but gives so much.

He can be quite a rascal at times. We have never been able to cure his obsession with chewing fabric: blankets, pillows, towels and his very favourite, polar fleece. Do not leave hats and gloves within reach unless you want him to shake them silly.

Billy has one very special gift. He has a unique ability to connect us with people. There are many instances of this I could cite but the following two are most meaningful.

His life threatening infection brought us to Dr. Jonathan Mitelman @vetstoronto. Not only have we found in Dr. Jonathan an exceptional veterinarian but we have found an amazing human being and a lifelong family friend.

Recently, Billy has opened the door to many connections with #doxieposse through twitter. It is so wonderful to share not only our love of dachshunds but many other interests as well.

Thank you Billy, you are one special dog.

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  1. Yay Billy! You are a handsome boy! Here I thought Emmett was big at 18/19 lbs and he also has huge, adorable paws :)