Wednesday, 17 August 2011



So, I told you about my sweet Thurmie and how he’s changed my life so much. He is such a joy! We just love everything about him! And guess what, he’s high-maintenance, just like me! Finally, someone who understands that life-style! We both don’t like to get dirty (Thurmie won’t go outside if it’s rainy or snowy unless I’m standing over him with an umbrella or by the door with a towel!), and we both have to be clean after meals! I have my polar opposite with my boyfriend, but I have my mirror image with my Thurmie! Life is good!

Along comes the opportunity to get another puppy when Thurman is 6 months old. Our vet found a pregnant Chihuahua mix running around in a ditch, and she delivers 4 puppies; 3 girls and 1 boy. I ponder the idea, but start to think that there is no way I could possibly take any of the love I give to my Thurmie and give it to another puppy. I just love my Thurmie so much! However, my son works on me. He says he’ll take care of it. (My son is 16 at the time, in high school and heavy into sports.) My boyfriend and I explain to him how hard it is to take care of and train a puppy. He insists he’ll do it. So, we cave and bring home Thing 2. We will call Thing 2: Brian.

We introduce Thurmie to Brian, and it’s instant bonding. Tails are in complete jet propeller mode, and running and jumping ensues! It’s adorable! You can tell these two are going to be the best of buds. We set up the crate in my son’s room and little Brian goes in without any hesitation and settles down for the night. Thurmie is plum exhausted and plops in bed with me! In the middle of the night, Thurmie wakes me up and tells me that Brian is whining downstairs. I tell him that we have to let Cody (my son) take care of it because it’s his dog. Thurmie doesn’t know how to take that and goes and checks on little Brian. The whining stops, but when Thurmie leaves, it starts again. I wake Cody up and tell him he needs to take his dog out. He grumbles, does it, and then goes back to bed.


Morning comes, and I go downstairs with Thurmie to check on Brian. I find Brian snuggled up to Cody’s face by his pillow in his bed. He jumps up and runs to me at the foot of the bed with that little tail just a waggin’! I do notice that there were a couple of accidents at the foot of the bed, so I wake Cody up. Naturally, it was pure exhaustion having to wake up in the middle of the night, once, and take the dog out. He grunts, turns over, and goes back to sleep. Little Brian is still at the foot of the bed wondering where his brofur is. I pick him up, he hypnotizes me with that "puppy breath" and that was all it took for me, again!

Brian is far more laid back than my Thurmie. Doesn’t really seem to have a care in the world. (Other than sticks, bugs and bully sticks!) Oh, and his Daddy, my boyfriend. Brian is so attached to his Daddy! My boyfriend and him are the bestest of buds and hang out all the time! He seems to listen to his Daddy a lot better than he listens to me! But, I know he still loves me. When it’s bed time, he comes right to his Mommy, plops down in between my legs, and doesn’t move. There are a lot times that I will wake up in the morning, and he is laying right beside me, facing me, most of the time with his little paw on my face. I’m being serious right now, too! It’s the greatest feeling, to wake up to him facing me. "Mommy, it’s time to get up! Thank you for letting me sleep with you because I love you so much!"

I didn’t think it was possible to love another puppy the way I love Thurmie, but I do. Thurman and Brian are my sweet angel babies and I thank God every day for allowing them to come into my life. As I said with Thurman, they have made me a much better person. I can’t imagine my life without them, and the wonderful world they have brought me into. And to see the bond that Thurman and Brian share is a beautiful site as well. They are inseparable; always do what the other does; always together. Whenever we have to go to the vet for one or the other, they go together. It is so beautiful to know that not only is there a human/animal bond, but an animal/animal bond, too.


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