Monday, 1 August 2011


                    Second Chance Love
                    By Abbey

Hi, my name is Abigail MacIntyre. My famous name is Abbey, but I didn’t always have such a glamorous and loving life. You see I’m a rescue dachshund (twice). Now I no longer need rescued. My calling is to help those that do.

My Mama was hurting terribly when she first laid eyes on me February 2010. Her dachshund, Shelby MacIntyre, of 15.5 years that she had raised from a pup had just crossed onward the same month that she found me…. or rather I found her.

(I’m hoping to introduce you to Shelby in another entry if that’s okay with the #doxieposse gang.)

The following is a very interesting story. Mama and I both were filled with heartache, .longing, confusion and an underlying pain that a vital part of our existence was missing.

 I longed for a family; she longed for the family that had just left her.

My first family ignored me and the result of that was felt while being locked up for two and a half years in a crate. I had only been out of the kennel once and had no idea what it felt like to walk on the grass or even be outside. A cat had scratched me, which resulted in a staph infection that my brief second family had to treat.

I’m told that I have a sister, Mindy, but I don’t recall knowing her. I am relieved that she is in the best of hands as she was rescued when I was and adopted by another family. Mama made a point to track her down to make sure she was being taken care of properly.

For six months I experienced life with my second family. That is until one of their older female dachshunds decided to use me as her new chew toy. 3-4 stitches later on my muzzle and 7 across my neck informed me that this life was just as dangerous as the first only this time instead of no contact obviously the kind I received was too dangerous for me to stay..

It was time to move on. It was much too soon for Mama to move in the same direction but God knew our paths would cross. What brought tragedy at the loss of one beloved dachshund would soon bring a deeper love as the result of Shelby’s many years on earth.

Through a series of networking from strangers and neighbors Mama was informed of my existence and my need to be rescued. She was quick to answer the call but cautious and torn to make the decision to bring me into her life.

I think the answer was my response to her that ensured my placement in her life furever! Mama tells people that I knew her before we met. I know it to be true. God whispered Mama’s name in my ear and in turn gave Shelby’s approval of our match.

When we met, I raced across the living room and smothered her with all the love that I wanted in return. She was left laughing and gasping for breath with my many kisses.

You see God knew we were both hurting and brought us together to help mend our broken hearts. I am classified as a ‘rescue’ dachshund but I think ironically that I rescued Mama when she needed me most!

Mama’s brother was a dachshund, Yorr, because that was the sound he made when he barked.. She has always LOVED animals, but especially dachshunds. In the fleeting moments when she would entertain having more than one dachshund certain criteria would surface. I met several of those requirements paws down.

I was first named ‘Gwaltney’ and I shudder at the thought of being called that repeatedly. My second family called me ‘Courtney’ to try not to veer too far from the sound of my true name. Mama did not hesitate to change all that.

Abigail ‘Abbey’ MacIntyre would be the name that I love to hear the most! Ironically Mama found out that my mother’s name is also Abigail. Interesting  fact and just so you know I caught on very quick to my new name. I’m smart that way!

I also taught myself to potty outside, but now I’m just bragging!


  1. Thanks for sharing your story Abbey! You and your Mom have a special place in my heart because of all the work you put into rescuing others who need help. Bless you both and lot's of doxie hugs and snugs!

  2. Abbey that was a beautiful story! Thank dog you and your Momma found each other!