Friday, 5 August 2011

DOXIE TAILS 7 - Bisou Beacoup LaBelle

Bisou Beacoup LaBelle

When I was in college, I had a little red mini-doxie who kissed a lot and was adorable, hence her mangled French name (The Pretty One Who Kisses a Lot). When I married, my husband had a Weimaraner, named Gandalf, and the dogs became BFFs. One day we went for a walk and an Irish setter appeared out of nowhere and began attacking Gandalf. Fearless little Bisou lunged at the big red dog attacking her neck from beneath. A melee, but no one was hurt, thank God, when we pulled the dogs apart.

Fast forward several years later and we had a picnic for my husband’s co-workers, a group of surgical residents. Bisou, as usual, was under our area rug in our living room, sleeping. We pointed out the lump to people, alerting them to walk around her. One of the residents arrived with his dog (who was not invited), a red Irish setter, sporting a bandana. Out of nowhere, a blur of red weiner dog flew across the room and attached itself to the interloper’s neck. We had to peel our dog off the setter, who was terrified of the little badger hound. Bisou had a mouth full of red hair, but looked very satisfied

By Sharon Buchbinder

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  1. She sounds like a true dachshund! What a great little protector! - @BigManLittleBoy (Bosco)